IngenX Business Systems Ltd. was founded in 2005 with a specific goal in mind. The objective was to build an affordable, full featured WMS for use with handheld or forklift mounted barcode scanners as a platform. Something that our customers could use very effectively RIGHT NOW.... and then work to design and incorporate an "RFID in the Distribution Center" capability. As retailers begin to tag products at the point of manufacture and as retailers start to demand RFID compliance, we want our customers to be in the position of being able to respond without having to reinvest in new systems.

IngenX has established an RFID Test Center at CCS Cloverdale Cold Storage Limited. in Surrey, British Columbia. CCS is an existing MAXwms client and was one of the first to implement the MAXwms Warehouse Management System for use in its 150,000 sq ft freezer
(-30 C) storage operation.

Ultimately, the goal is to have RFID tagged data transmit wirelessly as it passes through a portal or is read by a forklift mounted RFID reader. But until the manufacturing and retail industries embrace these new RFID technologies, smart warehousers will want to choose more traditional, but well designed wireless data collection technologies... you need technology that will give

you a competitive advantage TODAY.


the mobile warehouse

A Motorola web feature highlighting a number of the hardware devices used in the MAXwms solution. Find out about EMb (Motorola's Enterprise Mobility business division) and the products they've designed for use in today's fast paced warehousing environment.


Impinj®, Inc. is the world’s leading technical innovator in developing UHF Gen 2 RFID solutions for both item-level and supply-chain tagging.

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Although it's important to key an eye on the future, it's even more important to operate your business using proven technology suited to what your customers and suppliers are doing today. The use of real time, wireless data collection systems (barcoding) for 3rd party warehousing companies has become a requirement for many customers looking to outsource their storage and distribution requirements. And the cost of acquiring and implementing a "real time" WMS has not only become affordable, in many cases the return on investment is remarkable.

Keep an eye on tomorrow but remain focused on today...

IngenX Business Systems Ltd. offers a complete and comprehensive solution for third party warehouse operations. We understand warehousing...