Service From the Start...
Motorola/Symbol hardware comes with the industry leading "Service from the Start" program when purchased through IngenX Business Systems Ltd. If anything occurs during regular use of the equipment, including damage, the equipment will be repaired or replaced quickly and at no cost... other than perhaps some courier charges.


Motorola/Symbol MC9090

Integrated 802.11 a/b/g WLAN radios

Flexible always-on connection maximizes productivity; compatible with any WLAN; technology differentiating features that deliver superior, reliable wireless connectivity.


Exceptionally rugged construction: passes industry’s most stringent drop and tumble tests; IP64 sealing rating; integrated internal antennas. Flexibility to use in nearly any environment; dramatically reduces repair and downtime costs; delivers enterprise performance and ROI

Motorola/Symbol VC5090

Common Motorola
architecture with Intel XScale®
PXA270 @ 624 MHz and Windows CE 5.0 Professional Easily leverage applications developed for other Motorola rugged mobile computers; support for a wide range of applications, realtime processing and data storage needs Integrated 802.11a/b/g WLAN. Seamless integration with your existing WLAN for powerful realtime data visibilityRugged construction: IP66-sealed aluminum housing and MIL-STD-810F military rating. Designed to withstand the most extreme environments, protects your investment; dramatically reduces downtime and repair costs.

Motorola/Symbol AP300

Dual form-factors Plenum-rated external antenna model with metal housing is ideal for installation above ceiling tiles; the plastic internal-antenna housing allows for installation within the “carpeted-space” and provides cost-effective coverage via the integrated 2.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz antennas
Standards-based wireless, wired and security protocols ensure interoperability with third-party hardware802.1x supplicant
Allows authentication to a RADIUS server to enable an 802.1x-protected Ethernet port
Enables worldwide operation through support for standards based dynamic frequency selection and power control



We want our customers to use the most reliable equipment available. This helps to ensure that our customers can continue to perform without interruption. It also means that we only get the call when we're truly needed. We are a authorized reseller of most major brands of wireless data collection hardware.


Extremely Rugged...The MC9090 can be be ordered with a variety of different keyboard configuations as well as with different scan engines. Make sure to buy from an authorized reseller to ensure you get the right features for your specific needs.


Cloverdale Cold has been using the VC5090 for several years in -30C storage freezers... with fanastic results. For use in a freezer environment, IngenX has sourced a scanner cradle which contains a small, inexpensive heater unit. This helps to keep the scanner lens from fogging up when the forklift moves between temperature zones. Of course, it also serves as a cradle for the scanner so that it is well secured when the forklift is in motion.