Productivity is at the forefront of many businesses in today’s ever-changing marketplace – but what good is efficiency without accuracy?  IngenX’s inventory management system – MaxIMS – was developed with two main features in mind: functionality and ease of use. MaxIMS can be ready to use in as little as a few weeks.

IngenX’s MaxIMS software provides full visibility and management of your inventory. Whether receiving raw goods from the farm with our Scale program, moving stock internally with any of your wireless devices, or shipping finished products on a fully customizeable BOL, MaxIMS provides you with the tools you need to manage your day-to-day operations.


  • Product Traceability  forward or backward; from grower to finished product, and back
  • Custom Reports – create & schedule reports with our report builder. It’s your data; use it how you please
  • Wireless Integration – receive, move and ship product from any wireless device, anywhere on the floor
  • Document Maintenance – customize your own forms (ie. BOL); add logos, format text – it’s in your hands


Track and grade all product from point of intake with our Grower Management System. Integrated with our inventory management system, MaxGMS allows you to manage all of your growers from the point of intake. Analyze season totals, track containers in and out, and flag growers for various reasons. Build an accurate grower database to maintain quality and minimize waste by tracing recalls all the way back to their source.


  • Scale Program – weigh and receive goods, right from the point of drop-off
  • Red Flags – flag a problem grower to stop the receipt of goods, right at the scale
  • Container Tracking – bins and totes can be expensive; know who has what, and when


Data Collection

Specializing in handheld scanners and vehicle mounted equipment, IngenX is an authorized re-seller of data collection hardware. Rugged by design, the devices we work with are purpose built for demanding environments to minimize any potential downtime. From heated scanners for cold storage warehouses to pocket sized devices on farms, there’s a device built to withstand the unique elements of your business.

All of the hardware IngenX works with is designed to integrate seamlessly with our software. We work aimlessly to ensure that the end user is using the right tool for the job – to eliminate frustration and maximize efficiency.

Wireless Infrastructure

Data collection equipment is only as good as the network it communicates with; a stable wireless environment should be in place to maximize effectiveness. IngenX can assess your current network and provide the wireless access points needed to ensure your business has a flawless network. The stronger the network, the quicker you can bring product in the door to begin transacting against it. It’s your inventory, why wait on it?

We’re here to help; contact us for a free demonstration.